A New Look in Disability Chairs

Our main products are manual and powered adjustable disability chairs that can grow and adapt to a users needs, size and preference. See how our products can help improve your lifestyle.

Mercado 50

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Specialist educational seating for students with physical challenges. Aiding students to learn and adapt in a safe environment, whilst promoting safety.


The complete seating solution when considering disability equipment for the home. With rise and tilt in space, the Mercado range can be adapted to suit you.

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Adaptive workplace office disability chairs, promoting the ability to return to work, and promoting better posture and support to accommodate workplace disability.


We specialize in advanced X-ray chairs for patients with mobility issues. Including the REAL 8100 X-Ray chair, and the new REAL 8200 Mammography chair.

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What differentiates Mercado Medic

Every REAL chair is both functional and comfortable, perfect for enhancing activity and independence.

Focusing on the person and postural management we provide modular ergonomic disability chairs. Thanks to our modular system of seat cushions, backrests, castors, adjustment options and accessories, our product can be individually adapted and adjusted to make you independent at home, at work, in school and in many other environments where assistance might otherwise be needed. You don't just get a chair, but also our quality, our expertise and our passion.

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